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Axel Club


Announcing the AXEL CLUB! 


We here at the FEFSC know how hard our skaters work and getting that axel takes some extra hard work. We know it’s considered one of the hardest jumps for a figure skater to land. We want to commend all that hard work and recognize the skaters who land their axel.  

Once you meet this goal, you earn a place in the AXEL CLUB. You get your name on the bulletin board at the rink, and on our website, and special recognition at our official awards banquet in the spring! 


All skaters must be in good standing with the club. 

  • Those who have passed the Juvenile free skate will be inducted into the Axel Club automatically.  

  • For single axels: 
    You must land 3 clean axels in front of 2 coaches  
    (one may be your primary coach)  

Congratulations to all our AXEL Club members!!


Jenna A.

Katelyn C.

Meah C.

Kaylee C.

Hannah D.

Ashley E.

Sarah G.

Jenna G.




Logan H.C.

Nichole H.

Mecca J.K.

Katya K.

Sophia K.

Eva M.

Amia M.

Mariah M.

Sydney M.




Jaansi P.

Jaimy P.

Kiara P.

Mya R.

Charlotte S.

Kiley S.

Gabi T.

Maylin V.

Emily W.

Sonja W.