Florida Everblades Figure Skating Club

Official Skater Club Apparel

To order, fill out the order form below - be sure to click the final 'submit' button! (When you click the Submit Button, you will receive a screen with a 'thumbs up' sign and an offer to create your own 'Typeform'. You do not have to click through on 'Create a Typeform' or 'Enter' if you do not want to. You can now safely move on to the Paypal buttons further down the Store page.)

Then choose the appropriate Paypal button or buttons further down the page to pay for the jacket or jackets you have ordered. If you have questions about the ordering process, please email us at 

IMPORTANT: The skater jacket with the rhinestones on the back is currently only available in certain sizes; they have some backorders on some sizes. I've updated the website to reflect the sizes available and you can see those sizes below; however, the paper forms have not been updated. As far as we know, no other jacket style has been effected.

Skater Jacket A is currently only available in:

  • Girls Black - Large
  • Girls Blue - Small, Medium, Large
  • Ladies Black - Medium, Large, XLarge
  • Ladies Blue - Small, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge


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Skater Jacket - $79

Stoned Back

Skater Jacket B - $70

Embroidered Back


Fleece Jacket (Any Type)- $37

Embroidered Logo on Back - $15

Right Chest Name - $7

Long Soft Shell Jacket - $84

Embroidered Logo on Back - $15

Right Chest Name - $7